Facts About the Microblading Method

1. How long does the process take? What it really looks like?

The length of the process depends on the natural eyebrows’ density however, it usually takes one hour and 30 minutes. Determining and getting the perfect eyebrow shape is the longest and the most difficult part of the process. The best form can be acquired with the help of some equipment specifically designed for the procedure, and of course, a professional and expert eye as well. Every face is different that is the reason why every individual who uses microblading method gets the best eyebrow shape which perfectly suits in the proportions of your face.

2. What is microblading?

A microblading near me method involves designing the eyebrow which gives them the natural form and fullness without the need of other extra drawing. With a pencil, for instance. The huge difference between the Japanese techniques of microblading as well as drawing eyebrows is the knife that gives a much more natural effect. In addition to that, with the help of a microblading method, the hairs appear thinner and more natural as well. The microblading method is mainly focused on the positioning of all the hairs unlike the Japanese technique of designing eyebrows which are based exclusively only on filling in your eyebrow portion.

3. How the keep your eyebrows in perfect condition? Do you need to apply some special care such as cream, serum, etc.?

Your eyebrows will be needing a special care only during the first 7 days after the treatment and then there’s no need to do something anymore.

4. When can you notice the best outcomes?

It should be known that the pain is basically not excluded. As a matter of fact, the procedure itself creates more pain and discomfort because prior to the treatment, the professional cosmetician or microblading service provider will give anesthetic medication and the drawing will last for at least 20 minutes. The period after the procedure will last for 7 days and during this extent of time, it is very important to keep them as dry and clean as possible. After the procedure, your eyebrows will become even darker by 40%. Throughout the post-treatment stage, the difference will be very noticeable as time and also, you will get your desired and wanted shade of your eyebrows in less than or within a week.

5. Can you still utilize the eyebrow pencil after the microblading treatment?

The microblading procedure gives a natural effect, thus, using eyebrow pencils will no longer be necessary. However, you can use them if you really desire to after your eyebrow is totally healed. 

The following are some lists that a client should expect after undergoing microblading method:

1st Day – Your eyebrows will appear detailed and a little of redness may happen.

2nd to 3rd Day – You will normally not notice some changes during this stage. However, you may feel swollen or experience redness on the site.

4th Day – Color will be darker.

5th to 6th Day – Scabs will more likely to appear on the site. And it is not allowed to peel them off for it could affect the healing procedures.

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