It could be very fun and wonderful to have dogs around you. It would make you want to play with them and cuddle your dog every time. It gives you lesser stress whenever they want to play and take a walk with you. But of course, having them would need a lot of responsibilities. It is not only about giving them some food every day and having a good place to live and to sleep at but at the same time you need to go to the vet for their checkup and healthy inspection. It is needed they have their vaccines injected to them to prevent them from getting harmful diseases and even simple sickness. Letting them to have a walk every morning or afternoon would exercise their legs and muscles. They are very happy whenever they have the chance to run free and be able to get along with some other dogs in the park. Some might want to roll over to the green grass and others might be able to play with other dogs in the dirty soil or mud. This means that after a long day, they need to have their bath or shower right after going back from your walk. Especially, when you are letting your dogs to stay inside your house and even to your own bedroom. It is very important to keep them clean as they would not carry dirty stuff inside your house. You can have the option every time that you are giving them a shower. You could do it on your own or to hire a mobile dog grooming. Hiring them would make your life easy and convenient as you don’t need to suffer wetting yourselves from giving them a wash. Here are some of excellent ways to give them a bath 


  1. Just wash your dog whenever they get dirty. If they are not those kinds of dogs that go out. Then you don’t have to wash them every single day. Two to three times in a week would be fine. It makes their skin and fur stay good and nice this way.  
  2. You need to make your dog feel ease with water. You can talk to your dog while the shower is pouring some water into her skin.  
  3. Choose the kind best soap or shampoo for them. It is important that you are using the dog’s soap or shampoo as it contains the right chemicals suitable to their fur and skin.  
  4. Most often, other would brush their dogs first before giving them a proper bath. In this way, it would remove all the falling fur from their body.  
  5. You may want to cut or trim their nails as well.  
  6. When you are giving them a shower. Make sure that you are scrubbing their body properly with the right shampoo. Allow it to stay for five minutes to fully absorb those nutrients from the soap to get in touch to their skin.  
  7. After that, you may now use a hose or a shower to rinse them.  
  8. Use a towel to dry them and brush or comb them again. You could give them a treat for a job well done.